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Beaded St. Patrick's Day jewelry and accessories.  I've got Leprechaun's, 4-leaf Clovers, Rainbows, and Pots of Gold all for the wearing of the green to either show off your Irish pride or getting a bit of the Irish luck!!
I have to admit to a certain affinity with this particular holiday since I DO have an Irish background.  (stop it....I hear some of you saying, beneath your breath, "aw that explains it"). 
Yes, indeed, I'm a natural red head that has fallen prey to Clairol #258 {don't bother to look for it, it doesn't exist, [wicked evil grin], I didn't want a bunch of other blondes like me running around, I'd lose my uniqueness, eh??...more laughter  heh,heh, heh}. 
Anyhoos, green hair or not..... If something strikes your fancy, or I haven't got what you had in mind, just contact Sunshine  for your custom order needs.

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Tiny Hex Beaded Irish Flag Post Earrings Beaded Irish Flag on Dangly Post Earrings Beaded Shamrock Earrings in Hex Small Hex Beaded Leprechaun Face Post Earrings
Beaded Shamrocks in Round Earrings Beaded Leprechaun Face In Round Earrings Beaded Leprechaun Face w/looped beard in Hex Stick Pin Beaded Leprechaun Face  in Charlotte Cut Beads stick pin
Lapel/Stick/Hat PINS
Beaded Leprechaun Face  Hat/Tie/ Lapel Pin Beaded Pot-O-Gold w/Shamrock on Green Felt Stick Pin Beaded Leprechan Hat on Leather Stick Pin Beaded Leprechaun Face Brooch/Pin
Beaded Rainbow Diamond w/ shamrock Center Lapel Pin Large beaded Irish flag earrings. Beaded Leprechaun Face with Ears Pin

Beaded 3D Beard Leprechaun Face Earrings

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Beaded Medioum Sized Leprechaun Post Earrings      
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