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Bead news, new bead projects, new beadwork creations, updated gallery pages, etc. You'll find all the new bead stuff and beadwork updates here!!  Because my web site is in a constant state of perpetuity, I can only keep 2, perhaps 3, months worth of updates on the page.  However, I hope, you're visiting more often than that   ;-)  big grin...heh, heh.

This page last updated Friday February 03, 2012


February -new animated gifGADZOOKS!!!  It's a LEAP YEAR!!

Obviously I've removed ALL of the former "updates" because....well...frankly, they were outdated!!  The economy has forced many of us artists to give up practicing our LOVE because we needed to find other sources of income...i.e. clock punching jobs.  I've been ever so grateful that I've had a JOB, especially when so many others haven't!  I do find myself kicking my own ass when I gripe that I haven't had time to work on my beadwork, cuz I should be very grateful that I AM employed, part time or not!!  But there is a part of me that feels sooooooooooo GUILTY for NOT producing new things or NEW concepts. I feel like I'm letting everyone faithful followers and regular I hope ya'll accept my sincerest apologies!!  With that being said...lets hope 2012 is a better and more prosperous year for all of us!!













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