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This is page 2 of the various precious and semi-precious gemstone cabochons that can make wonderful centerpieces for necklaces, pins, brooches, large barrettes, medicine bags, medicine shields, purses, bolo ties, wall hangings, ornaments, hat bands, and just about anything else you can think of.  If you see one that strikes your fancy, make note of the cab/item #, then contact Sunshine for your One-Of-A-Kind, individualized custom order for yourself or for that gift giving special occasion.

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White, Black, Yellow/Peach

page 3 gallery
Blues, Red/Jasper/Carnelian

page 4 gallery
Earth tones/Browns

page 5 gallery

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40x30mm New Jade GS20

38mm Round Chrysocalla GS21 20x15mm Chrysophase GS22 Square Aventurine GS23
Item # GS20-40x30mm
(1 available)
Item # GS21-38mm
(1 available)
Item # GS22-20x15mm
(2 available)
Item # GS23-30x22mm
(1 available)
25mm Round Mixed Indian Agate GS24 38mm Round Mixed Indian Agate GS25-links to finished necklace. 30x22mm Chinese Turquoise GS26- links to finished barrette. 25x18mm Aventurine GS27-links to finished barrette.
Item # GS24-25mm
(1 available)
Item # GS25-38mm
(2 available)
Item # GS26-30x22mm
(5 available)
Item # GS27-25x18mm
(2 available)
30mm Round Aventurine GS28 30mm Round Aventurine GS28 38mm Round Aventurine GS29 40x30mm Amazonite enhanced Quartz GS30
Item # GS93-25mm
(2 available)
Item # GS28-30mm
(2 available)
Item # GS29-38mm
(1 available)
Item # GS30-40x30mm
(1 available)
30mm Round Jade GS31 30x22mm Jade GS32 30x22mm JadeiteGS33 30x22mm Jadeite 2 GS34
Item # GS31-30mm
(1 available)
Item # GS32-30x22mm
(1 available)
Item # GS33-30x22mm
(2 available)
Item # GS34-30x22mm
(5 available)
30mm Round Serpentine GS35 40x30mm Serpentine GS36 50x38mm Unikite GS37 25x18mm Unknown Stone GS38
Item # GS35-30mm
(0 available)
Item # GS36-40x30mm
(0 available)
Item # GS37-50x38mm
(1 available)
Item # GS38-25x18mm
(0 available)
38mm Round Lavender Onyx GS39 40x30mm Thulite GS40 30mm Round Fuschia Dyed Fossil Stone GS41 40x30mm Fuschia Dyed Fossil Stone GS42-links to finished necklace example.
Item # GS39-38mm
(2 available)
Item # GS40-40x38mm
(0 available)
Item # GS41-30mm
(1 available)
Item # GS42-40x30mm
(1 available)
30x15mm Purple Dyed Fossil Stone GS43-links to finished barrette. 38mm Round Plum Dyed Fossil Stone GS44 38mm Round Purple Dyed Onyx GS45 40x30mm Purple Dyed Onyx GS46- links to finished necklace.
Item # GS43-30x15mm
Item # GS44-38mm
(1 available)
Item # GS45-38mm
(1 available)
Item # GS46-40x30mm
(3 available)
40x30mm Purple Gold Stone GS47      
Item # GS47-40x30mm
(1 available)

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