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Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstone Cabochons in various sizes and colors. These various gemstones all make wonderful centerpieces for necklaces, pins, brooches, large barrettes, medicine bags, medicine shields, purses, bolo ties, wall hangings, ornaments, hat bands, and just about anything else you can think of.

Because I have so many gem cabs I've had to divide the 90 some examples  of precious and semi-precious gemstone cabochons in various sizes into 4-5 pages.  These depictions are available for custom orders only, they are NOT for individual sale.  I have identified the various stones as they were sold to me, and/or by subsequent research. However, there are still some that I haven't got a clue as to what they truly are, (Sunshine shrugs shoulders)......but...gosh...they were cool, pretty, unusual, and at least another dozen adjectives, so...... I had to have them!  If you feel that I have misidentified a gemstone, or can inform me of what an unidentified gemstone is,  PLEASE be so kind as to  notify me (Sunshine) ASAP!!!  I can then correct my labeling to properly represent the gemstones ( not to mention, if furthers my own personal education!!). 

If you see one that strikes your fancy, make note of the cab/item #, then contact Sunshine for your One-Of-A-Kind, individualized custom order for yourself or for that gift giving special occasion.  For convenience sake, I've labeled the different gem-stone categories by color rather than by name.

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page 2 gallery
Greens, Pinks/Purples

page 3 gallery
Blues, Red/Jasper/Carnelian

page 4 gallery
Earth tones/Browns

page 5 gallery

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Tree Agate GS01-links to finished necklace.

30mm Round Alabaster GS02 25x18mm Alabaster GS03 30x15 Howlite GS04
Item # GS01-10mm
(7 available)
Item #GS02-30mm
  (1 available)   
Item # GS03-25x18mm
(2 available)
Item # GS04-30x15mm
(4 available)
25mm Round Natural Fossil Stone GS05 30mm Round Natural Fossil Stone GS06 30x15mm Natural Fossil Stone GS07 25mm Round Snow Quartz GS08
Item # GS05-25mm
(1 available)
Item # GS06-30mm
(4 available)
Item # GS07-30x15mm
(1 available)
Item # GS08-25mm
(4 available)
25x18mm Snow Quartz GS09-links to finished barrette. 30x22mm Snow Quartz GS10 40x30mm Snow Quartz GS11 links to finished necklace.  
Item # GS09-25x18mm
(2 available)
Item # GS10-30x22mm
(1 available)
Item # GS11-40x30mm
(1 available)
Black Oynx GS12 25x18mm Black Dyed Fossil Stone GS13 40x30mm Black Dyed Fossil Stone GS14-links to finished necklace.  
Item # GS12
(2 available)
Item # GS13-25x18mm
(1 available)
Item # GS14-40x30mm
(0 available)
25mm Round Peach Aventurine GS15 30mm Round Honey Onyx GS16 38mm Round Honey Onyx GS94 - links to finished barrette. 18x13mm Honey Onyx GS97
Item # GS15-25mm
(2 available)
Item # GS16-30mm
(1 available)
Item # GS94-38mm
(0 available)
Item # GS97-18x13mm
(2 available)
25x18mm Honey Onyx GS96-links to finished necklace. 40x30mm Honey Onyx GS17-links to finished necklace. 40x30mm Unknown Stone GS18 30x15mm Augutes GS19
Item # GS96-25x18mm
(0 available)
Item # GS17-40x30mm
(6 available)
Item # GS1840x30mm
(1 available)
Item # GS19-30x15mm
(3 available)

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