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Beaded 3D clown face tie tack,hat pin,or other pin.

Barbara Elbe has several books on amulet purses and beaded images, I just love her designs.  I use smaller beads than her patterns call for, and I also like to use several of her patterns for small lapel or hat pins and tie tacks.

This pin of a curly blonde headed clown used a 3D beading effect for the hair and is done in size 15/0 glass Japanese Hex beads.  I've added an itty bitty pom-pom for a fun effect for the nose.

Ever since I beaded this piece, I keep envisioning it on a professional Man's tie...just a little quirky something to express a 'fun' personality during the 'nose to the grind stone' professional work week days.  I know that, if during my professional nose grinding days, I saw a tie tack like this, it certainly would have put a grin on my lips and a lilt in my step for the rest of my day, or even week, without EVER having to 'disclose why!!  

Sometimes, it's just the smallest and simplest things in life that we can do for one another without really making a HUGE effort, that can make ALL the difference in an individuals day.....think about it.................

Item #TT502

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