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Beaded patriotic colors of the USA Flag in a freeform fringed type ribbon earring.

As some of you faithful followers of my site are aware, *El* is my biggest fan from New Yawk and only orders custom made ~SINGLETONS~ (meaning it is just ONE and doesn't have a matching partner, meant to be worn alone, or with some other earring of a similar theme...or not). 

She had requested a replacement for a long fringed dangly earring representing the USA flag that she had lent a friend, and it was never returned.  The one and only picture she had of the gone bye-bye earring wasn't all that clear, but El, in her fantabulous way, said to go ahead and put my own spin or interpretation on our beloved USA Flag.  Well heck...that's all I needed to hear!!  I've gotten to know El's tastes over the many years and hoped that this particular piece would strike her fancy!  It looks totally different when hanging, but to show the different elements, I've laid it out.

I was inspired by the many different ribbons for different causes, and I've seen several different types of patriotic ribbons.  But El wanted something long, dangly, and fringed!!  So, with all of this in mind, this was the ~singleton~ I came up with.

Weaved in flat vertical peyote  with size 14/0 Japanese round glass beads. The fringe accents include 4mm semi-precious gemstone star shaped Howlite beads, 6mm Czech pressed glass heart shaped beads, 8mm genuine Mother-of-Pearl heart shaped beads, gold washed 3D 6mm star charms, 6mm gold washed flat  heart charms, and these really cool, large genuine Mother-of-Pearl carved Eagle beads.  It measures about 1 inch wide and 5 1/4 inches long.


This IS a One-Of-A-Kind creation.

Item #SHP907

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