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There seems to be a standard, nationwide, recognized pattern for this Fancy Dancer Pattern, however, it seems to be a very difficult thing to give proper credit to the "original" designer of this standard pattern.  If you should happen to know or can provide documentation as to the identity of the original designer of this pattern, please contact Sunshine so that I can give proper credit where credit is due. 

I personally got the pattern from Wendy Gobin, who graphed it from the back of an advertisement on a magazine.  Later on, I subsequently used this "base pattern" to develop a tinier version of this pattern that I use for earrings for which  I will claim credit for, but always with reference to this larger version.

This particular dancer is done with size 15/0  glass Japanese Hex beads. Though this particular piece has SOLD  it can be reproduced in whatever colors you desire.  Contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.

Item # Fancy Dancer Lapel Pin

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