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Bead embellished genuine Lapis Lazuli gemstone wrist watch style bracelet.

I apologize for this poor quality scan.  It's actually a scan of a scan as the original piece had been sold long before I had enough foresight to do better documentation of my work.  (Lesson to take heed of  for you new artists).

The piece shown here is basically an appliquéd work originally meant for a barrette, but, I had become enamored with some silver worked Indian  bracelets and thought to myself, why couldn't I make these into bracelets instead of barrettes...and they are!!!! 

The one featured above has a genuine 12mm Lapis Lazuli center stone surrounded by size 14/0 round glass Japanese beads.  Accents include 14K gold 4mm barrel beads and 3mm round Lapis beads.  It is backed with genuine pigskin suede leather on a leather watchband style bracelet.

Though this  particular one has SOLD, don't forget, you can always contact Sunshine for all of your custom order needs and desires.

Item # Appliqué Bracelet
Cost varies - $35.00 and up

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