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Vintage Whiting and Davis enameled mesh purse.

Inside of Vintage Whiting and Davis enameled mesh purse.

This Whiting and Davis geometric design enameled mesh handbag is from the 1920's.  The enamel shows expected wear for a purse this age, but all in all, the pattern and colors are not rubbed off anywhere that I could see.  Speaking of colors, I've never seen one with this particular color scheme, black, green, blue, yellow, and a pale pink (more of a flesh color). 

There aren't any missing mesh pieces, but it has come away from the hinges of the frame, which is quite common for purses this age, looks to be an easy fix for someone adept at repairing mesh.  It was not common for these purses to have linings, but occasionally you'll see them with one, this one does not appear to ever have had one.  I know it to be a Whiting and Davis, but it does not have the signature tag. 

The frame is in excellent shape and snaps open and close securely.  I am not sure of the metal content of the frame, it appears to be silver, though I could not find a mark on the frame anywhere and it features a scrolling leaf type design over a trellis type design.  Chain is secure and intact.  Mesh portion of the purse measures 5 inches by 6 inches.


Item # AP38

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