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Vintage Whiting and Davis Painted Dresden Mesh Purse.
Inside of Vintage Whiting and Davis Painted Dresden Mesh Purse.

This is a signed Whiting and Davis painted Dresden Enamel Baby-fine Mesh handbag from the early 1910-1920's. These type of purses had the designs actually 'silk screened' on them to give them that soft, hazy, romantic type of feel to them.  The silk screening was all done by hand over a period of several days.  One color was applied, allowed to dry for 24 hours, then the next color was applied.

The mesh on this purse is in good shape, meaning if there are any missing links in the body of it, I didn't see them, and the coloring shows normal expected wear.  As usual for purses of this age, the mesh has come away from the corners of the frame.  The fringe at the bottom of one side has pulled away from the corner but I believe there is only 2 missing strands of fringe.  The pulled away portion still has it's attaching rings, so with the right tools I'm sure it can be reattached.

There is no evidence that this purse was ever lined, and it does have the signature Whiting and Davis tag.  The frame is believed to be gilded brass and does open and close tightly and securely.  The mesh portion of the purse measures approximately 5 by 6 inches. 


Item # AP12

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