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Vintage Walborg white micro beaded clutch purse.

Back of Vintage Walborg white micro beaded clutch purse.

Inside of Vintage Walborg white micro beaded clutch purse.

This is a white glass micro beaded clutch.  It's hand sewn with a swirling floral type of pattern on both sides.  The heavy frame is brass I believe, it could use a good polishing, but it is straight and open and shuts tightly and securely.  It's slightly unusual in that it's stair-stepped in a way that gives it the appearance that it would open up to 2 separate pockets, but it does not, just opens up to one.  There are maybe 20 beads missing in all and mostly along the frame.  It is lined with a cream or off white silk or satin.  It is heavily soiled with what appears to be water marks, suggesting that the purse must've gotten wet at sometime, this does show through a little bit on the bottom outside of one side of the purse, but it's not hugely noticeable.  There are no rips, tears, or holes.  It has a mirror in the slip pocket and a cloth tag that reads "Made in Belgium by hand WALBORG".  It is a very attractive bag and still very usable.  It measures approximately 9 inches across and 5 1/2 inches from the top of the frame to the bottom of the purse.  1999 price guide values purses like these at between $60-$75.00

Item # AP08

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