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Antique French Cut steel Beaded Purse.
Inside of Antique French Cut steel Beaded Purse.

Is a French cut steel purse that I'm fairly sure cannot be restored to it's original splendor as there is an obviously poorly executed repair done to a ripped portion to one side, such a shame...heavy sigh.  However, I do believe the frame and beads still have significant value to the avid purse collector/restorer. 

Once upon a time this was probably brilliant with the various gold, bronze, brass, and turquoise French cut steel beads.  Many of the beads have lost their luster, but for salvage purposes, it's a wealth of beads!!  I believe the frame to be silver or silver plated, but I won't swear to it, nor can I find a makers mark. 

It has a ball kiss closure and does shut and open cleanly, tightly and securely.  The inside lining is of a dark gold/amber colored unknown thick fabric with matching rickrack braid.  The lining is intact, with normal age wear and coloration, the open sides internally don't show signs of stitching so I assume it was done this way on purpose.  It has a cloth tag that states "Made in France". 

Purse measures 4 inches at the widest , 3 1/2 inches from bottom of frame to bottom of purse....add the still existing fringe for another 1 inch, chain handle is 12 inches for an overall hanging length of up to 11 inches!


Item # AP46

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