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Antique beaded purse with a floral basket motif.
Back of Antique beaded purse with a floral basket motif.

When I first saw this purse it reminded me of some kind of spaceship planetary right out of the Jetson's kind of scene, of course than it struck me that it was actually a basket of flowers!!

Tambour beaded on netting, this was a well loved and well used purse but still is very good condition for it's age.  It does have some missing beads here and there, 2 rows of blue beads about 1 inch long on the bottom portion, the rest mostly the orange beads around the top.  It's also missing some of it's looped fringe. It has a small spot on one lower corner that has some kind of sticky goo residue, not sure what, I've made no attempt to clean it off.  It still has it's original wrist handle but it is pulled almost out of the purse.  The original black silk lining has disintegrated pretty much into non-existence.  Overall, the purse is easily restorable!!

Purse measures , lying flat, about 5 1/4 inches wide and about 8 inches long including the fringe.  It's a bag.


Item # AP88

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