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Vintage sequin and beaded flapper style purse.

Inside of Vintage sequin and beaded flapper style purse.

This is a smaller purse.  White fabric appears to be satin and it is embellished with Aurora Borealis Sequins with clear beaded looped drops fringe.  It makes a neat little sound with the beads banging together.  It has one loose fringe and 2 maybe 2 missing ones on one side edge.  The inside is also an immaculate satin with no holes, rips, tears, or staining.  Looks as though it's never been used.  It has a cloth label that reads "GOLDEN NAME" (in metallic gold) and then 'Made in Hong Kong'.  It has the little doowahs that you can attach a carrying chain to, but it does not have a chain, and does not appear as though it ever did.  It snaps open and close tightly and securely.  It measures approximately 8 inches at the widest across and 7 inches from the tops of the clasp to the bottom of the fringe.


Item # AP35

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