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Antique French cut steel beaded purse with pinks and blues.
Inside of Antique French cut steel beaded purse with pinks and blues.

This French purse has been very, very well loved and is now is some serious need of restoration.  There are pink, blue, gold, silver, and bronze metal beads floral motif of some kind.  The beads have oxidized some so the pattern is a bit difficult to make out.  There are no missing beads in the body, but it does have a rip on one lower corner and beads have come off the threads.  A couple of rows have pulled apart at the bottom of the purse, and there are lots of pulled apart rows along the sides, more so on one side than the other.  The attaching threads along the middle of the frame on both sides have also gone missing so the bag is no longer fully attached to the frame.  As you can see from the photo, it is also missing quite a few of it's fringes.  The frame is brass I believe, it is engraved/stamped on the inside "Made in France".  The frame shuts and closes fine, but it has gotten squashed somewhere in it's life time so it is no longer shaped in a perfect [   .It has a metal chain that can be doubled.  The inside is lined with an antique white/cream silk fabric and is in remarkably good shape.  It has a little slip pocket and there is no staining, or holes.  It does appear that it may have a rip next to one hinge where it has come away from the frame.  Because of the weight of this purse and the fact that it has stretched some, I'm sure it's original length was probably about 5 1/2 inches without the fringe.  It measures about 4 1/4 inches across.


Item # AP49

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