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Knitted vintage beaded bag.
Knitted vintage beaded bagwith M G monogram.

I'm truly not sure what the story of this purse is, have no idea how to date it, but believe it was probably after 1930, may have been a beginners project purse, I really couldn't say, so I can only tell you what I CAN ascertain. 

It is hand knitted with a gold colored heavy crochet thread or very small yarn.  It has a variety of different sized and colored vintage and antique beads.  The black beads are chunky, look to be maybe jet, and are multi-faceted, giving it a wonderful sparkle.  It has round glass transparent grass green, opaque medium blue, a few smatterings of turquoise blue, small opaque light pink, large opaque yellow, and gold lined beads.  I can't quite make out what the pattern is supposed to be but it would appear to be floral with leaves.  It has been monogrammed on the back with the gold lined beads "M G". 

The beadwork is all pretty intact, there are a couple of missing beads here and there, but only obvious upon very close examination.  The twisted fringe is missing several strands.  It's lined with a black jersey type material that is intact with no holes, rips,  or shredding.  It does not have a frame, a closure of any type, nor does it have a strap, don't know if it did originally and was being restored or what, but at the moment, it just seems that is was never completely finished, I just couldn't tell you.

Purse is large and measures approximately 8 3/4 inches wide, about 6 1/2 inches from the top of the bag to the bottom, not counting fringe, fringe add another inch and a hair.

Purse being sold "as is", it's kinda fun and funky, probably worth finishing off, but if nothing else, the beads are worth scavenging!!

Item # AP56

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