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Antique Micro beaded floral drawsrting purse,reticule,bag.
Bottom view of Antique Micro beaded floral drawsrting purse,reticule,bag.
Inside view of Antique Micro beaded floral drawsrting purse,reticule,bag.

This is a marvelous purse, in 'remarkable' condition for it's age, circa early 1900's.  The beading on this purse has marvelous coloring and depicts very detailed Roses and Forget-Me-Not florals.  The extraordinary faceted jet (black) beads are a collectors dream and to die for!! There is one row on a fold that has a minute section missing 8-10 beads, and an even smaller section next to it that's missing perhaps 3-4.  I've looked at the whole purse with a hand held magnifier and that's the only bead loss that I can detect, so to be safe, I'll say there is perhaps 15-20 beads at most missing from the entire purse, which is amazing!. 

The top portion of the purse has 8 crocheted scallops that go down into the beadwork, 2 of those have some pulled or undone crocheted stitches, but that would be a very easy fix for someone that crochets.  Only a portion of the original drawstring remains, but again, that's an easy fix.  The lining is intact with no shredding, fraying, or rotting, but I must admit, it seems to be of a cotton blend, so it may not be original to the purse, but it was professionally replaced if it's not original. I believe that the tassel may be missing one or two fringes, but I couldn't tell you for sure, it looks great as is.

This purse only requires a minimal amount of miniscule minor bit of work to fully restore it to it's original state, it truly is a gem as it is!!  It measures laying flat approximately 6 inches wide and 9 inches long including tassel.


Item # AP79

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