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Vintage glass and steel beaded purse.
Inside of Vintage glass and steel beaded purse.

In it's day was probably extremely sparkly, splashy, and if they knew the word, ultimately glam!  This purse has been extremely well loved, well used, and then, hence, well neglected...sniffle, sniffle.  Originally this was hand beaded on canvas with crystal glass faceted beads and faceted gunmetal steel beads. It has become discolored with improper storage and neglect.  I'm not sure if this purse can be cleaned, if so...then it could be restored to it's original luster, if not, then either for historical/collectors display, it's just fine.  The back side of the purse has much more crystal bead loss on the upper portion than does the front.  The inside lining was probably originally a cream color fabric, but it does show heavy aging/soilage, however, there are no tears, fraying, rips, or holes. If salvaging the beads for other purse restorations, this is a gold mine!  The frame on this purse is silver colored, but no makers mark, so cannot say what metal the frame is.  Has a ball kiss closure that snaps open and close securely and tightly.  Purse measures approximately 6 3/4 inches wide at the widest and just a hair over 5 inches from the top of the frame to the bottom of the purse.  Chain is 12 inches long for an overall hanging length of 11 1/2 inches!

Purse collection being sold "as is", for collecting, display, restoration, or scavenging of beads. 


Item # AP71

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