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French Cut Steel Beaded Envelope Purse with strap.
Back View of French Cut Steel Beaded Envelope Purse with strap.

Inside view of French Cut Steel Beaded Envelope Purse with strap.

This is a wonderfully charming antique French cut steel beaded envelope style purse from the early 1900's.  It features little flowers in turquoise and dark blue, with aqua leaves and stems, and a bronze border. 

Overall, the beadwork is intact with no obvious separations of the woven rows or degraded thread due to the weight of the beads, and I could not find any missing meads on the body of the purse. The seams are all intact with no holes or separations.  There is a small separation on the envelope flap, when closed it is on the bottom left corner with  a couple of beads missing, it does appear that it would  be an extremely easy fix.  There is some slight pulling around the button hole closure, it could probably use a reinforcement.  Speaking of closures, this one uses a what appears to be a genuine pearl button. The fringe is missing 3 strands, but that also should be an easy fix.  The rest of the fringes are intact and secure.

The lining is a bit unusual, not sure how to describe the pattern.  It's a light grey silk with some kinda ?grass?flames?shrugs shoulders? type of pattern in cream red, and charcoal.  It has a cloth label that reads "Made in France".

It has a beaded strap that that is mostly intact, surprising for a purse of this type.  The steel beads are quite heavy and the beaded straps would usually fail under the weight of them and would become frayed, snap, and fall apart.  This strap has broken 2 threads at the center of it, and there is some bead loss because of it.  About 3 inches from there it has one spot where the edge thread has broke, but no missing beads, and at the bottom left side near the fold, there is a broken thread with perhaps 3 or 4 missing beads all very minor and should be easily fixed.  All in all, this charmer is in remarkably good condition considering it's age.

The purse measures approximately 4 3/8 inches wide, 3 inches from top of fold to bottom of purse, fringe adds another 1 inch, purse handle is 12 inches for an overall hanging length of between 9-10 inches.

Purse being sold "as is", it's very good shape, is very charming, and displays nicely!! 


Item # AP28

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