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Art Deco French Cut Steel Beaded Purse.
Back of Art Deco French Cut Steel Beaded Purse.

Close-up of Art Deco French Cut Steel Beaded Purse.
Inside view of Art Deco French Cut Steel Beaded Purse.

Another stunning example of a French cut steel beaded purse in gold, silver, gunmetal, brass and bronze from the early 1900's.  I love the pattern on this purse, something like a sunrise over a geometric horizon and swirling clouds.  This purse is in remarkably good shape for it's age, however, it does have a couple of very minor issues. 

Overall, the beadwork is intact with only 1 missing bead that I could find on the body.  There is one very small rusted area next to one purse hinge, maybe a dozen beads at most, but you don't notice it unless you're going over it with a magnifier like I was, grin. The seams are all intact with the exception of a very tiny, tiny about 1/4 of the way up from the bottom on one side, the seam has broke a thread, maybe 2 and there are a couple of beads missing, perhaps about 3.  There's also a worn spot on the bottom corner with perhaps 2-3 beads missing there as well.  This is a very, very heavy purse for it's size, and as is common with purses of this age and type, the weight of the beads has made a couple of rows here and there pull slightly apart.  It is only noticeable upon very close examination. 

The lining was probably a cream colored grosgrain, however, it is heavily stained.  It IS intact though, with no holes, rips, tears, or shredding.  It has a cloth tag inside that reads "Hand Made in France".

I believe the frame is brass, it has a ball kiss closure and opens and shuts securely and tightly. A few of the threads have been worn off on one side where the purse attaches to the frame, an easy fix, but even I hadn't noticed it til now, it isn't apparent as there is no separation when hanging.  The purse measures approximately 5 inches wide, 5  1/4 inches from bottom of frame to bottom of purse, purse chain is 13 inches and can be single or doubled for a choice of hanging lengths of either 11 inches or 15 3/4 inches!

Purse being sold "as is", it's very stunning and displays beautifully!!  An absolute "must have" for any purse collection!!


Item # AP48

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