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Antique crocheted and fine-micro beaded doily.

Back of Antique crocheted and fine-micro beaded doily.

I've been collecting antique/vintage micro-beaded purses for a number of years and occasionally will run across other micro-beaded items.  However, I've never run across 'doilies'.  I was in a tiny Mom & Pop type antique store in a tiny town called Atallia, Alabama (blink and you miss offense Atlallia), where I was actually perusing for cast iron items.  I saw this doily and 2 others in a glass display case at the front counter when I was purchasing a Wapak No.9 Indian Head Z cast iron pan.  Although the doilies all had similar patterns/color schemes, it did not appear that they had been an original "set" as it were.  The best one of the 3 was priced at $110, I would have liked to got all 3, but after having snagged the Wapak for a small fortune, I couldn't afford to, so I purchased the worst one of the 3.

The doily measures between 6 and 6 1/2 inches across, and the there are no missing beads or loose threads that I can see.  From the back side it is obvious that it was crocheted in a pie shape formation, just like purse patterns of it's era.  It's very well possible that someone made the bodies of the purse and then, for whatever reason, couldn't finish the purse, and made doilies instead!  The colors are very vibrant and the construction is superb.  The only flaw is that the scalloped bead accented crocheted edging has pulled away from the main body, and evidence of attempted repairs exist.  Other than that, this is truly an unusual, unique, and perhaps a one-of-a-kind creation from the turn of the century!! 


Item # AP68

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