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Vintage silver and gunmetal beaded clutch purse.

Back of Vintage silver and gunmetal beaded clutch purse.

Inside of Vintage silver and gunmetal beaded clutch purse.

This is a very unusual purse, the beading may be hard to describe but I'll do my best.  First, the base fabric is white with silver metallic thread.  It is hand beaded with rows of vertical stripes of gunmetal color lined clear glass beads, with rows of graduated glass tube beads descending into a bit of a "V" shape with a little arch in the center.  Now the graduating tube beads have opposing colorations.  On one side the tube beads are two-toned with silver-lined and gunmetal, with the gunmetal being more predominate as the tube beads get smaller.  On the opposite facing side the silver-lined tube beads are barely tipped with the gunmetal color.  It really is quite unique.  Now, when I purchased this bag, I never noticed ANY missing beads, but when doing a close examination, I did find what appears to be a missing strand of vertical beads close to the top on the front and 1 tube bead in the last V and 2 tube beads on the last row on the bottom right, all on the front of the purse.  There don't appear to be any missing beads on the back.  But like I said, the very nature of the design of the beadwork on this purse, you wouldn't and probably won't notice any missing beads.  There is also a very miniscule light brown spot about 1/4 of the way up from the bottom of the front of the purse, again, I hadn't noticed it til now. 

The frame is of an unknown silver metal, perhaps nickel, I'm not sure, but it's very shiny and shows no signs of tarnish.  It has 4 hinges and opens up into a square shape. It has a fold over closure that snaps over the closed frame.  It also has a stow-able silver metal snake chain, it IS heavily tarnished, so it 'may' be sterling silver/silver plated, it should clean up easily if that's the case.  The inside fabric appears to be white satin and it is immaculate!!!  It has a white with blue lettering fabric tag that reads "Fine Arts Bag  NEW YORK  Made in Hong Kong.  The purse measures approximately 9 inches across and 6 inches high from the top of the frame to the bottom of the purse.  The stow-able chain is  15 inches long giving you a hanging length of just a hair over 13 inches.  This really is a stunning purse and was worth every nickel I paid for it and then some...grin.

Item # AP32

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