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Vintage cobalt blue steel beaded purse  featuring peacock feathers.

Back of Vintage cobalt blue steel beaded purse  featuring peacock feathers.

inside of Vintage cobalt blue steel beaded purse  featuring peacock feathers.

This one of the most stunning vintage steel beaded bags I've ever seen, and ever owned, and I've never seen this gorgeous blue color before in steel beads. It is beaded with a dark royal midnight cobalt blue, silver, gold, and red steel beads.  The design on 3/4 of the purse are like the tips of peacock feathers and the upper portion has these other little designs that go every which way, don't know how to describe them, and then the upper border has an alternating row of miniature peacock tips and that funny design.  The colors on the beads are still vibrant except along the top from lots of use.  I have loved this purse dearly, but now it's in need of just a small bit of restoration. 

On the lower right front corner, there is a 1 1/4 inch long portion of the row that is missing beads. On the top portion next to the frame there is about a portion of perhaps 2 rows that is 2 1/8 in long that is missing beads and there's probably about a dozen rows that have pulled away from the fabric.  The back is in much better shape with only 1 row having a 3/8 inch of missing beads.  There are a couple of rows beginning to pull apart from the fabric.  There are about 30 beads to the inch.

I believe the frame to be brass and it has been enameled with a matching cobalt blue color.  Age is now taking it's toll on the enameling, as it is starting to sluff off.  On the front side of the frame on either end are gold leaf fronds.  The snap over clasp has the same type of fronds as well.  The frame is straight and snap open and close VERY tightly and securely. 

The inside of the purse is in pristine condition considering the amount of use it has had.  It is also a matching navy blue and is probably satin.  It has a slip pocket and there is no staining, rips, tears or holes.  There are no labels.

Purse measures approximately 8 inches across at the widest and a hair over 6 inches from the top of the frame to the bottom of the bag. It has a 10 inch brass snake chain for an overall hanging length of about 10 3/4 inches.  I would dearly love to see it go to an appreciative collector/lover of these type of purses.


Item # AP50

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