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Antique beaded purse in black, amber, and silver faceted glass beads.
Back of Antique beaded purse in black, amber, and silver faceted glass beads.

Inside view of Antique beaded purse in black, amber, and silver faceted glass beads.

Don't blame my camera, blame me, the photographer, this purse sparkles and shines so much, it could almost be blinding!....but we do have to keep the glare off the photo's to depict them, sniffle, sniffle, so you'll just have to take my word for the fact it truly shimmers!!

Stupendous needlework of individually hand stitched attachment of beads on canvas in multi faceted black jet beads, amber, and silver lined hand-blown-hand-faceted glass beads in a marvelous art deco pattern from the early 1900's!!  The beadwork, in my opinion is almost flawless, and I did not detect any missing beads, though there are one or two slight pulled areas in the canvas next to the frame, the only noticeable pulling is next to the hinges, which is to be expected for a purse this age, and if there is any bead loss of any kind, it would be here, but it would only be a couple.  The bottom fringe is intact and features slight twists to give it an added fullness, delightful!

Finding fault with the purse are 2 minor items, which I hate to even mention as I know that anything negative detracts from the willingness of ebayers to bid, regardless of the beauty of the purse, however, (truth in advertising, or the sin of omission is still a deception) I will always believe that honesty continues to be the best, with that being said....  The original lining has been removed, replacing the lining is an extremely easy fix.  The brass frame is wonderful in and of itself, however, one of the ball closures has apparently been broken off, so unless a new one is soldered on, the frame should probably be replaced.  However, personally, since the chain attachment is on opposing sides, I'd feel very comfortable in carrying this purse as is without the snap shut closure, but for perfection, the closure should be mended or the frame replaced.

Purse measures 7 1/2 inches at the widest and 10 inches long from the top of the frame to the bottom of the fringe.  Chain handle is 15 inches long for an overall carrying length of about 17 inches.


Item # AP86

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