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Antique 1800's micro beaded coin purse.

Back of Antique 1800's micro beaded coin purse.

Inside of Antique 1800's micro beaded coin purse.

A rare and hard to find example of a remarkable micro/fine glass beaded coin purse circa the early to mid 1800"s.  True, this purse is in need of restoration, but even if it weren't restored, it's a wonderful representation of the early to mid 1800's micro/fine beaded purses of the time. The itty, bitty, hand blown glass micro beads are in the following colors; Pearl, Burnt Ochre, Light Pink, Dark Raspberry, Dark Turquoise, Dark Forest Green, Grass Green, and Light Green.  It can be dated by several different factors;  the plunger type opening in the frame dates it to about 1820.  It is knitted and features the star bottom and the saw toothed pattern edging in the beadwork, all indicative of the early to mid 1800's.  It also has a very fine doe skin leather lining. 

The purse does have  some bead loss and other issues;

FRONT:  Minor bead loss along the upper portion near the frame, and some next to/near the hinges. Perhaps 3-4 missing beads on the front body as well as some loose ones and loose threads.

BACK:  As obvious from the photo, it does have a large portion of missing beadwork, about a 3/8 inch wide by 1 inch tall portion.  It has also pulled away from the frame, but I'm unsure if there's actually any missing beads from this section.  There is also a very tiny spot missing perhaps 6 beads next to the lower portion of the large hole and another section perhaps missing 2-3 beads about an inch from that one.

TASSEL:  Once upon a time, I'm sure there was fringe on this ball tassel, the ball is still present, though it is missing most of it's beads as well as the fringe.

LINING: Is intact and does not have any holes, rips, tears that I can see, but it has come away from the frame, can be re-stitched without difficulty.

FRAME:  Unsure of metal content, cannot find a makers mark.  Purse frames of this era were usually gilded brass.  Plunger works, hinges work, and purse frame opens and shuts properly.  Purse measures 2 3/4 inches at the widest and 4 1/8 from the top of the frame to the end of the ball.

Purse being sold "as is".  In MINT condition this little gem would fetch between $250-300.  It's not mint but is still worthy of  proper restoration, display, or even scavenging of beads!! 


Item # AP30

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