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Oh how I wish these scans could tell the real story.. there's just no justice done here.   That being said, I still have to say that this is one of my all time favorite creations. This particular piece, for me, is the epitome of  self creation, I allowed the beads to make their own evolution.  I started off with a vague idea, and it evolved on it's own from there. The color combination was also inspired by a Pakistani crinkle skirt.  Since it had no definitive or discernable pattern, just color combinations, I decided to match bead colors and then just jumble them all up in a bowl and let the beads fall where they may in the construction.  I was awed by what took shape, I could never have 'planned or charted' this.  That is what I think is part of it's integral's randomness.  The color choices gives it a uniquely regal appeal.  It has gotten raves everywhere its been shown/seen.

The 30mm x 40mm centerpiece is an enhanced to Amethyst (heated and dyed) genuine semi-precious onyx gemstone.  I've used size 14/0 round Japanese glass beads and 22K size 11/0 Delica beads in an 2 - 4 bead backstitch appliqué' method. Accents on the necklace include 4mm double AB Irised jet colored genuine Swarovski Austrian Crystals and Czech pressed glass dagger beads. Backed with genuine pigskin suede.  Beadworked piece measures 2 1/4 x 4 1/2 inches and is hung from dual 14K gold bails and a 26" Italian gold filled rope chain. 

The earring accents include 3mm 14K gold liquid tube beads an double AB Irised jet Swarovski Austrian Cut Crystals.  They measure 1 1/4 x  3 inches and hang from 14k gold 4mm ball posts.

Both of these pieces sparkle and capture light like you could never imagine...these are real show stoppers and get great raves everywhere they've been seen. 

Don't forget, if you like the styling of this set but wish to have a different color scheme,  I can create something similar with your choice of colors, beads, accents, etc.  Visit my Gemstone Cab Gallery for your inspiration for a custom order, then just contact Sunshine for design, pricing, and other details.

Item #Royal Onyx Necklace  Set

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