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Bead embellished black dyed fossil stone necklace.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,...I've already guessed, YET another jewelry inspiration from a crinkle skirt!!!  Hey!!!  What can I say...I ran into a really great sale of Pakistani crinkle skirts and a whole new wardrobe was born!!!!!  Now, honestly, if you ran into a sale of skirts at $6 a piece (normally $35 and up)...wouldn't YOU buy every single pattern they had, whether you'd wear it yourself or not???  You be lying if you said that you could pass up a deal like that...uh hum.....I'm a self professed "non-shopper", I break out in dermographic hives within 5 miles of a 'mall' was a great buy!!!!

Sooooo.....anyway......pardon the digression...back to the beadwork......

When I first finished the bezeled portion of this  necklace it reminded me of some sort of 'straw flower'...but then when I finished the somewhat free form fringe somehow reminded me of the foot of a 'geoduck' (geo is pronounced 'gooooo-eeeeeeeee').  Those of you from the Pacific side of the states know what a geoduck is...but for those of you in the's a truly gigantic clam...with a foot muscle that makes some men blush.  Don't ask me why 'geoduck' came to mind when I completed this piece, it just did.  So you can look at the main body as some type of straw-flower with the foot of a geoduck...or come up with your own interpretation of what it represents.

The center piece features a 30mmx40mm black dyed genuine fossil semi-precious gemstone.  I've used size 14/0 Japanese round glass beads to build a bezel around the stone, then added a peyote trim with the pattern that slightly resembles floral petals...thus the 'straw-flower' reference. The fringe accent is done with a combination of peyote stitching and looped fringe, with accents that 4mm genuine Swarovski Austrian cut crystals.  Backed with genuine pigskin sued the beadworked piece measures 2 x 4 1/4 inches and hangs from dual 14K gold plated bails and a 26" gold plated rope chain.

Don't forget, if you like the styling of this piece but wish to have a different color scheme,  I can create something similar with your choice of colors, beads, accents, etc.  Visit my Gemstone Cab Gallery for your inspiration for a custom order, then just contact Sunshine for design, pricing desires, and other details.

Item #N545

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