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Bead embellished ceramic picture cabochon featuring an eagle soring over mountains necklace with long fringe accented with sterling silver feather charms.

For this necklace I used a teardrop centerpiece ceramic cabochon I had made in a shop in Smokey Point, Washington.  I've used size 8/0 three (3) cut glass beads for the appliquéd frame.  The fringe accents include 30mm twisted irised glass bugle beads and sterling silver plated feather charms.  Backed with genuine pigskin leather.  Beadworked piece measures 2 1/8 x 6 inches and hangs from a sterling silver bail and a 24 inch sterling silver curb chain.

Eagle Medicine is the Power of the Great Spirit. The Eagle symbolizes the Illumination of spirit. He represents great power and balance and is often considered the connection to higher truths.  The Eagle is a sacred messenger, carrying our prayers to the creator and returning with gifts and visions for the people. He teaches Respect for the boundaries of the regions, to live in balance with heaven and Earth.  The Eagle tells you that the universe is giving you the opportunity to fly above your life's worldly levels, or above the shadow of past realities. Eagle teaches you to look above in order to touch Grandfather Sun with your heart, to love the Shadow as much as the Light. The Eagle represents  the spirit of Tenacity, Swiftness, Strength, Courage, Wisdom, and is an Intuitive and Creative Spirit.  He teaches us how to master the art of patience in every area of our life, patience to wait for the appropriate moment because within the energy of patience "all things are possible."   The Eagle has Keen sight, it is the gift of clear vision with which one can truly see the things one sees. The Eagle represents Healing and Creation, rising above the material to see the spiritual, and has Dignity with Grace, grace achieved through knowledge and hard work, a state of grace that is reached through inner work, understanding and passing the initiation tests that result from reclaiming our personal power.  Eagle asks you to grant yourself permission to be free in order to reach the joy that your heart desires.  Eagle shows us how to accept what comes our way and see everything as a great gift from great spirit. To those to whom eagle comes, the ability to hear spiritually and psychically will awaken.

Though  the necklace is a ONE-OF-A-KIND creation and has been SOLD, I can create something similar with your choice of colors, beads, accents, and with/without matching earrings.  Visit my Cabochon Gallery for your necklace inspiration, then just contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.

Item # N569

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