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I was inspired do do this Sunshine Original design concept with a  combination of necklace and earrings by a crinkle skirt that featured a vibrant color semi-floral scheme. When I first finished the necklace it reminded me of a gardening bonnet, thus I named this piece 'bonnet'. 
The necklace has a 38mm round  genuine semi-precious Bruneau Jasper semi-precious gemstone.  I've used size 14/0 Japanese round glass beads to build a bezel around the stone, then added a peyote trim. The necklace fringe accents include genuine semi-precious malachite gemstone chips and 3mm round genuine garnet gemstone beads.  Backed with genuine pigskin leather, the beadworked piece measures 2 1/4 x 4 1/2 inches and currently hangs from a 26 inch gold plated herringbone chain.

I've done matching earrings  and will offer a discount if you wish to purchase both items as a set.

Don't forget, if you like the styling of this piece but wish to have a different color scheme,  I can create something similar with your choice of colors, beads, accents, etc.  Visit my Gemstone Cab Gallery for your inspiration for a custom order, then just contact Sunshine for design, pricing, and other details.

Item #N546

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