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Black fringed suede leather medicine bag with bead embellished wolf family in a den pictured on a porcelain cabochon.porcelain

Back of black suede fringed leather medicine bag.

Close-ip view of the bead embellished porcelain cabochon featuring a wolf family in it's den.

I do apologize for the darkness of the first picture, I should have taken it on a white background, but hopefully the other 2 pics give you a good idea.

This hand stitched genuine suede leather medicine bag was custom ordered by some dear friends of mine Wayne and Sheila.  They wanted the wolf family to represent their own family. 

The wolf mostly represents intelligence, leadership, and a  strong sense of family.  The wolf is a teacher, it returns to its pack after extensive forage to tell everyone about new observations and experiences. It lives in a close-knit family circle without sacrificing its independence. It chooses a partner to whom it is faithful throughout its life. When the wolf howls at the Moon, it identifies with its power, its spiritual energy, and the unconscious through which all knowledge can be accessed. The wolf can give you the power to become a teacher for others to understand life better and find their own path. The wolf energy will also enable you to establish a connection with your own inner leader.  From Wolf, the great teacher, we learn many virtues.  This mighty creature represents love, healing, relationships, fidelity, forgiveness, loyalty, generosity, and companionship.

I've used a genuine porcelain cabochon that I purchased from Red Ventling and an embellishment technique I learned from Paula Adams using 14/0 Japanese round glass beads.  Bag measures 3 x 13 inches not including strap. The fringe accents are hand blown 6mm frosted glass beads.

This is a One-Of-A-Kind Creation.  However, don't forget you can visit the CABOCHON GALLERY for a variety of choices for your very own custom ordered medicine bag.


Wolf Den Medicine Bag

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