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Beaded Green Turtle on Black Suede Leather Medicine Bag

Beaded Green Turtle on Black Suede Leather Medicine Bag close up.

This is a ~Sunshine Original~ Turtle design done with size 15/0 Japanese Hex beads in flat vertical peyote.  I've mounted it on a genuine, black dyed, pigskin suede leather, hand-stitched, hand-cut fringed medicine bag.

Dependent upon Tribal Heritage, and/or spiritual upbringing, the 'Turtle' can represent numerous things. It's shell is its shield. It's slow gait is intended as a warning not to rush anything, but to wait for the right moment. It's eggs hatch because of the sunlight, and the tortoise thus points out how important it is to let one's ideas ripen in seclusion before sharing them with everybody.  The tortoise also teaches one to stand with both feet firmly on the ground connected with the Earth, Furthermore, it shows how to protect one's feelings and to withdraw into oneself. If it (the turtle) feels it is under too much pressure, it may even snap at and bite the encroacher!!! Basically, the turtle represents the ancient wisdom held by Mother Earth.  It is often a symbol  of honor, wisdom, stability, protection, strength, female power, fertility, long life, perseverance, and often considered to be able to defy death!!!!


(Has been reproduced "2" times)

Remember, just because this particular bag has sold, you can order a similar one by just contacting Sunshine for your custom order needs.

Item # MB502

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