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Bead embellished Green Stone on Tan Leather Medicine Bag.

Bead embellished Green Stone on Tan Leather Medicine Bag close up.

I've taken this unidentified semi-precious gemstone and bezeled it with size 15/0 glass Japanese Hex beads, and size 13/0 true cut metallic green irised beads and then mounted it on a genuine pigskin leather medicine bag.

This particular Medicine Bag is currently hanging from the rear view mirror of my Jeep,  filled with memento's and personal items from a memorable 4th of July camping trip from the year 2000 in the North Georgia Mountains.

Even though this particular bag isn't available, if you like the styling of this bag, but not the colors, (I also have a wide array of leather colors), visit my Gemstone Cab Gallery and pick out something that does strike your fancy and then contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.

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