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Red and Black Bead embellished white stone Medicine Bag.

I made this medicine bag for my niece Mary, whom is part Chippewa, in her requested colors of red, black and white.  If you've been to the Barrettes/Hair Sticks pages, you'll notice a Fancy Dancer Hair Holder.   I did this for her using the same color scheme. [As a side note, in many of the Native American Cultures, color schemes for Regalia (the  special hand/custom designed clothing worn by Native Americans for gatherings such as  Pow-Wows)  is spiritually divined.]

On this bag I've taken an agate and surrounded it with size 14/0 round glass Japanese beads, which I also used in a whip stitch to sew the bag.  The fringe is accented with size 8/0 pony beads.  Bag is genuine pigskin leather.

Even though this particular bag isn't available, if you like the styling of this bag, but not the colors, (I also have a wide array of leather colors), visit my Gemstone Cab Gallery and pick out something that does strike your fancy and then contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.

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