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Beaded Fancy Dancer on Turquoise Leather Medicine Bag.

There seems to be a standard, nationwide, recognized pattern for this Fancy Dancer Pattern, however, it seems to be a very difficult thing to give proper credit to the "original" designer of this standard pattern.  If you should happen to know or can provide documentation as to the identity of the original designer of this pattern, please contact Sunshine so that I can give proper credit where credit is due.  I, personally,  got the pattern from Wendy Gobin, who graphed it from the back of an advertisement on a magazine.  Later on, I subsequently used this "base pattern" to develop a tinier version of this pattern that I use for earrings for which  I will claim credit for, but always with reference to this larger version.

The color scheme for this medicine bag actually came to me in a dream, as I tend to lean more toward earthy tone colors in my work.  At first, I thought it was intended to be a gift for my Mother, as the colors were more in  tune with her  favorite color scheme.  However, it never felt right when opportunities came up to present it to her, thus, I labeled it and put it up for sale, but years went buy without a buyer.  Many a time, I would look at the piece and wonder why I was given the inspiration, but faith in spiritualism told me there would come a day when it's true owner would appear in my lifeAfter some time, I decided that perhaps I was meant to keep it, and it remained in my personal collection, albeit the bag was empty, which meant to me, I wasn't truly the spiritual owner of this piece. 

Several years later, and a move 3000 miles across the states it followed me.  Then, a newly made and fast friend had to leave our community, and she had an adult son in terrible trouble.  An overwhelming wave of ?? came over me and said to give this bag to my friend.  When I presented it to her, with the meaning of what a medicine bag was for, she started to cry, and as the first tear rolled down her cheek, she urgently requested that I capture it in the bag, which I did. This tear for her child is a very powerful medicine now contained in this bag,  After 6 years,  it finally found it's rightful home/owner,  that is the way of spiritual matters, I don't question it.  I have learned every path has a destiny and a purpose, even though I may not see or recognize it right away, it will, in time, reveal itself.

The fancy dancer and trim is done in size 14/0 round glass Japanese beads and mounted on genuine pigskin leather.  The fringe is accented with 6mm barrel beads.

Just because this particular bag is GIFT/GONE, remember you can order something similar in your choice of colors, just contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.

Item # Large Fancy Dancer Medicine Bag

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