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The inspiration for this "Earring" Medicine Bag came from my self proclaimed biggest fan in New YAWK, Ellen.  She collects 'singleton' earrings (a singleton is an item that doesn't have a matching mate).  I had been discussing with her the numerous orders I had been getting for Medicine Bags.  She waxed/waned poetically, wistfully, and with much longing for one of my bags, but was under some certain misconceptions as to whom could own these bags. 
Well, I set her on the right path in that regard (Meaning of Medicine Bags) and also suggested that I could make a medicine bag earring, and  VIOLA!!!......the pic's above are what I created just for her!!

I've used  this wonderful medium violet dyed  genuine pigskin suede leather for the body of the medicine bag.  The center stone is a 25x18mm genuine semi-precious peach aventurine gemstone.  I've embellished the stone with a rope technique I learned from  Paula Adams using size 13/0  charlotte cut glass beads.  I've hand stitched the entire bag using a 3 bead edging technique.  The fringe and handle are accented with hand blown frosted glass beads.  Bag  measures 2 x 10"  including strap.  This is a One-Of-A-Kind creation.

Here is the ever so adorable 'biggest fan from New Yawk" Ellen herself, wearing the earring medicine bag.  Her comments upon receipt:
 "HOW DO YOU KEEP MANAGING TO OUTDO YOURSELF?? It's absolutely amazing....I see the subtleties of the purple, and the incredible delicacy of the beadwork. & the kindness of starting me off with the amethyst floors me & intensifies the total rightness of this mutual project.  Thanks so much. There are no words for how much I Love this earring! Definitely in my all-time Leather Earring Hall of Fame".
(I humbly accept this great honor of induction into Ellen's Leather Earring Hall of applause ..please...heh,heh).

Unbeknownst to Ellen, until it's arrival, I had included an amethyst Zuni Bear Fetish Charm inside the bag.  I did this for 2 reasons;  The first being that it is tribal custom  that a bag being presented as a gift or having been made for a special reason, that the original owner or maker should add something of their own to it, and the 2nd reason is to start the power of the medicine bag off with a Native American spiritual 'totem' symbol I felt represented Ellen, as I've come to know her.  

"Bear" basically represents "Introspection".  The "Bear" is also known and often represents 'dreamtime', because the bear withdraws into a dream world every winter in the search for answers and is reborn every spring. "Bear" also represents strength, humility, motherhood, teaching, communication with spirit, and is a powerful symbol of Shamanism.  There are numerous other interpretations of the 'bear' in various cultures...but I'd dang near have to write a book to go into it all of it now...and especially how it would relate to El's free, independent, and very individual spirit!!      (((hmmmmmmm..a there's an idea!!  Hey Ellen... a book about totems or your unauthorized biography??......oh seriously beyond wicked evil grin.....snicker......heh,heh..okay, I'm bordering on possible cruelty...just kidding El.))))

Getting back to business, I absolutely love these kind of projects!!  Thank YOU, Ellen, for being such ongoing fuel for my creative  inspiration!!

Well...wouldn't you know it, El had some additional comments upon reading the above, here's what she had to say:

"The Purple Medicine Bag is the absolute zenith of this genre. I love it beyond all others in some ways. It's just an absolutely unique entity; filled with spirituality, aesthetically to die for,  made with love, received with delighted surprise, containing a talisman I will always cherish because it came from you. "

Aw...gush, gee, excuse me........ gonna gush some more, aw.....geee.....more gushing..........
Folks, it's because of people like Ellen that keeps me inspired to keep on creating the works I do......
Sunshine kicks dirt mound in an Andy Griffith sort of way to exhibit humility.......humbled............. humility beyond words...........kicks some more dirt...thanks EL!!!

Though this particular bag was custom made just for Ellen and has been SOLD,  you can order something similar. Visit the Gemstone Cab Gallery and then contact Sunshine for your custom order desires.

Prices vary dependent on size and materials.

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