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Bead embellished dark tan suede medicine bag with natural stone.
Bead embellished dark tan suede medicine bag with natural stone center.

This particular bag was presented as a gift to a special person in my life in memoriam of a 4th of July, 2000 camping trip in the North Georgia Mountains. (Note:  Ralph Edward Smith passed away unexpectedly at age 47 from an Aortic Aneurysm on December 5th, 2005.  May he now have the truth, peace,  and tranquility that so eluded him, he will be missed.)  It contains a woodland snail shell, woodland moss, pieces of foxfire wood, a precious coin, and other personal memento's. The fringe was enhanced with found pheasant feathers within the immediate vicinity of our campsite..


Even though this particular bag isn't available, if you like the styling of this bag, but not the colors, (I also have a wide array of leather colors), visit my Gemstone Cab Gallery and pick out something that does strike your fancy and then contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.

Prices vary depending on size, leather, and embellishments.

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