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Beaded barrette featuring frosted orange oval and teardrop rhinestones in a sunburts pattern.

This was the very first piece of beadwork I did after I moved to Georgia (when I finally had my storage unit full of bead supplies shipped to me after a year and a half of being ...gasp...beadless!)  Having spent nearly all my life in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, I have seen many a spectacular sunset, but the sunset's in the Blue Ridge Mountains are nothing to scoff at, believe you me.  When I finished this large barrette it reminded me of a setting sun, except it was so vibrant, thus I named it "Sunburst".

The "stones" are actually a 16 x 12mm oval  and  4 - 15 x 10mm teardrop frosted glass rhinestones.  I did  a 3 bead back stitch appliqué' method using size 14/0 round glass and bronzed round glass Japanese  beads.  The accents are 4mm bronzed barrel beads.  Backed with genuine pigskin leather.

Item #BA505

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