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Beaded small Butterfly Barrette in purple and white.

Picture of the back of Beaded small Butterfly Barrette in purple and white.

This small barrette has the illusion of being a butterfly.  This was created with 2 heart shaped glass beads representing the wings.  The body of the butterfly is created with an oblong glass bead and two genuine 3mm Swarovski Austrian Crystals.  All is surrounded with size 13/o and 15/o Charlotte Cut glass beads, and size 14/o Japanese round glass beads with using an appliqué technique.  This barrette measures approximately 2 inches wide by 1 and 1/2 inches tall.  The barrette holder is small with a spring clasp and is ideal for a pony tail or braid, but it is a bit heavier than the usual barrette.  Backed with genuine pigskin suede leather.

Because of the uniqueness of various components, this is considered a One-Of-A-Kind creation, though something very similar can be reproduced. Pricing depends on components and size of the barrette. If you like the styling of this barrette, but not the colors and/or size,  contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.


Item #Small Appliqué Butterfly Barrette

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