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As I mentioned before, my younger sister Theresa is a very talented seamstress, and has made clothing for her family members for years.  I was especially enthralled with some of the ethnic fabrics she was using when making 'dashikis', scarves, and traditional African tam hats and caps.  The colors and patterns were very bright and vivid and I was inspired!! I also LOVE the challenge of making a matching or coordinated pattern.

This is another one of those gauzy type fabrics I don't know what they call it for sure.  It depicts both Zebras and Tigers in muted tones.  The scanner doesn't allow the light penetration that natural light does, so it looks a bit more muted than it actually is pictured here.

I adapted a Zebra Design done by Sig and incorporated it into these earring   The earrings are done in flat vertical peyote with size 15/0 glass Japanese Hex beads.  The looped fringe is accented with pearlized oat beads and genuine semi-precious goldstone chips.

I can also do these earrings without the fringe, and I also have a wide scarf with long white fiber fringe and a genuine leather Ladies High Crown Tam Hat lined with the Zebra/Tiger Fabric.  Just contact Sunshine if you are interested in any of these other items.


Item # CD551

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