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Beaded White Tiger Fringed Earrings.
Total Length= 3 3/4 inches long

Beaded White Tiger earrings with shorter fringe.
Total Length= 3 1/4 inches long

I had a request from a regular customer to create a pair of earrings featuring a White Tiger, and that it needed to be as detailed as possible with medium blue eyes and background (this last part is because of my standard diamond shaped earring requires a background, usually of a solid color).  Knowing that  being 'detailed' may require larger proportions than she normally ordered, she gave the go-ahead.

I had a V-8 moment (slaps oneself in the forehead with palm of hand) in that I told the customer that I, myself, owned several ~art~ T-shirts that featured Big Cats such as Lions, Bengal tigers and WHITE Tigers, and that the norm for me was to design/create/wear matching jewelry/accessories for everything in my wardrobe, HOWEVER, I HAD NOT created White Tiger the challenge was on.

After 3 design attempts, I knew I had to try something different other than the traditional diamond shaped fringed earring.  I often do what I call 'sculpted' pieces, where the shape is more in lines with an actual object or such.  I decided to eliminate the background color requirement and just do a White Tiger Face.  I loved what I came up with and then I figured the fringe could more or less represent the body of the tiger.  I created one piece and sent a scan to the customer for approval and/or changes...her comments upon seeing the scan.........."WoW! the tiger is gorgeous absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!! the size and fringe is really did a fantastic job...congratulations on a job well done ...I just love the detail you've done....I was sooooooooooo worried about that part, but for some reason after looking at your earrings, seeing the fine work that  you do,, I was pretty sure that you'd be the right  artist for the task and thank you sooooooooooooooo very much ...I'm sooooooooooo excited I can't hardly spell right......thank you sunshine.......for a really great job!!!!!!!!! l...gosh I just can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  (we will add any additional comments she may have, if any, after receiving them and seeing them in person). additional comments  I  got my gorgeous tiger earrings and I could hardly calm down  long enough to let you  know just how excited I was....

2nd customer comments from Canada:  "They are truly a work of art! I admire your talent."

Comments on Shorter Version:  "I got my earrings... and they look great. You did a good job. Here's a photo of them on me."  Carol wearing her new White Tiger earrings.









So, for the particulars, this is an Original Design featuring the face of a White Tiger.  Weaved in flat vertical peyote and brick stitch with size 15/0 glass Japanese Hex beads.  Fringe accents are 3mm black oat beads and white glass fringe drop beads.  Earring measures about 1 1/2 inches across (a 50 cent piece fits inside the beaded face portion) and 3 3/4 inches long, bona-fide shoulder dusters!!  Hung from Sterling Silver fish hook ear wires.

Even though this was a custom ordered set of earrings and has been SOLD the pattern is reproducible (as a matter of fact, I'm making a set for myself). The pattern, as shown, takes between 5 & 6 hours accumulative beadworking time to create. I can shorten the fringe (as of 05/23/08 we have a second example shown above [purple suede background]) or we can do just the face portion for a lapel pin if you like, just contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.

(have been reproduced "5" times)

Item #E696

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