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My younger sister Theresa is a very talented seamstress, and has made clothing for her family members for years.  I was especially enthralled with some of the ethnic fabrics she was using when making 'dashikis', scarves, and traditional African tam hats and caps.  The colors and patterns were very bright and vivid and I was inspired!! I also LOVE the challenge of making a matching or coordinated pattern. This particular fabric inspired several different patterns for earrings and a lapel pin.

These are earring inspiration #2  weaved in flat vertical peyote with size 14/0 round glass Japanese beads with fringe accents of 3mm glass fringe drop beads.  I can convert these earrings to clip-on or posts upon request.

I also have a matching scarf (thin width with red fringe) and a African tam (similar to a pill box style) hat (size small). Scarf is $12.00 and the Hat is $18.00.  Contact Sunshine if you are interested in purchasing either of those to go along with the earrings.


Item # CD504

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