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I told you about my e-mail friend Erica on the previous earring page and how she had been inspiring me, well here's another creation I owe her credit for. We had been discussing various pink colors, their play and interaction.  I took some of her conceptual theories and put them to work in beads and oh what fun they turned out to be!  This scan just doesn't do them justice for the unique color plays. And some of you experienced fringed earring owners probably know they don't hang exactly the way they lay when being scanned. The drape of these is wonderful and the illusional pattern mixes up flirtingly when swaying from the lobe.

I've used size 15/0 glass Japanese Hex beads in opalescent light pink, painted dark pink, and AB root beer.  The fringe accents are 4mm round dyed genuine fossil shell beads and Czech pressed glass dagger beads. The daggers are a pinkish amber with a one-sided bronzish finish, the color is very unique and doesn't dazzle you in this scan like it does in real life. Hung from 14K gold fish hook ear wires, they measure 1/2 inch x 2 1/2 on the longest side.

I sent Erica an email showing her how I had interpreted her ideas and again she was thrilled (startling was her exact response).  Yes, you guessed it, she has also snatched these up for her very own.  I'm making a second pair for myself, cuz I just loved the way they turned out, and I normally dislike pink immensely for my personal collection, but these don't clash with me at all!!

Erica's comments after receiving them:  "More lovely and special than the scans let on...... just wanted to let you know how special the unveiling of your treasures was........ are so unique, so fine!  I can't thank you enough!!!"

Though this pair has been SOLD to Erica, remember, you can order any color combination and fringe accent your heart desires, just contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.

Item #Erica's Pink Fossil Earrings
(Future reproductions of this design will have a $22 price tag)

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