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Ellen is an artist's dream customer!!  She challenges me in my artistic endeavors!!  You may remember my rendition of a roaring 20's flapper subsequently dubbed 'Sassy'.  El is an April birthday gal, but wanted a Mardi Gras type "singleton" (singleton being a single earring with a lost/unmatched mate) earring to go with her collection of other 'Sunshine Original' umm...'singleton' originals...heh,heh....and she wanted it to be loooonnngggggg!! 

I created a Jester Mask on a pole with ribbons and fringe and it's 8 1/2 inches long!!  (no nasty jokes okay...let your mind go where it may, but no need to share...wicked  evil, mischievous grin)

Ellen's comments: "Dang! Yet another in a series of mind-blowingly beautiful creations of yours that get to be mine, all mine.  I'll treasure this vibrant, hilarious, poignant, almost-over-the-top little jester. How'd you manage to infuse him with all of that? !!!"

answer is;  Well El...I guess that's my little secret...wicked evil sunshine grin, giggle...snarf, snort, guffaw, chortle, giggle, heh, heh, tee hee.............


This is a One-Of-A- Kind Creation but don't forget, you can custom order anything your heart desires by contacting Sunshine.

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