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A self-proclaimed fan in New "Yawk" (her quote unquote) e-mailed me with one of the more unique requests I've ever received.  She is  a collector of 'singletons'....which are earrings (or any other object that usually comes in pairs) that have lost its matching mate.  She originally wanted a 6 to 7 inch earring depicting a 'flapper girl' face....yeeowza!!  That's a pretty big earring!!  But I mentioned some other elements that I have always associated with flappers, the jazz era, the roaring 20's, etc....I had more design ideas coming out of my head than I could get down on graph paper!!  But I kept returning to my sculpted version and asked her if she was willing to trust me...wicked grin.... and she did!! 

The image above left is prior to the added 3D elements, and the image above on the right is after adding the 3D elements.  She (which has now been subsequently christened as "Sassy") is 5 inches long including the ear wire.  Sassy's 3D elements include a plumed cap, fringed skirt and a Lariat necklace.

Weaved in combinations of my flat vertical peyote and standard brick stick with size 15/0 glass Japanese Hex beads.  The tube beads on the skirt accents are 2mm Macco micro tubes and are anchored with size 16/0 vintage Czech round glass beads.  Sassy took me 10 hours of accumulative bead weaving time to create.

This is Ellen wearing her new singleton.  She had these comments:  "Beyond my wildest dreams (to coin a phrase...). Not a total surprise, since your scan gave a very good indication of what to expect, but somehow, in MY hand, in 3-D, she was even more dazzling.....From the bottom of my heart I thank you for leaping right into this vague concept from an admiring stranger & turning it into something better than I could have ever imagined. I TREASURE her! & you, for making her a reality. I will treat her well & show her off at every opportunity. Not that I'll need to try very hard...she leaps right out......You CAN'T not love her! She's more exquisite the more I look at all her detailing...... A crowd pleaser, that one is...."

Thank YOU Ellen...This was such a FUN project, and exactly what keeps me going when it comes to beadwork, the challenge of...'can I create the customer's vision?"

This is a One-Of-A-Kind creation and has been SOLD, but if you have a design idea in mind, why not drop me a line and see if I can make your idea a beadwork reality!! Just contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.

Prices vary dependent upon the complexity of the piece and materials used.

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