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One of the great benefits of beadworking is you get to meet new people,  make new friends, and find kindred spirits in creative souls.  Back in October I met, via e-mail, one of these persons.  Erica's passion is yarn, hand spinning and custom created color, and one of the most amazingly brilliant women I've had chance to communicate with.  Even though we approach our respective mediums with different design concept theories, I find she gives me new inspiration and breathes life into my creative spirit.  She will probably become a major influence in the future direction of my work. She has been dabbling with some bead projects and had been discussing them with me.  From this discussion I was inspired to create these earrings.  She was thrilled to see how I had interpreted parts of this concept and has snatched these up for her very own. 

Erica's comments upon receiving them:  "More lovely and special than the scans let on.........   reminded me of Cinderella's pink gown when the fairy godmother splashed it with her magic wand....... I can't thank you enough!!! .......... will lift me out of winter into spring and everyone who encounters me will get the magic fairy godmother dust sprinkled on them too! "

These are done with 6 shades of very pale Opal or AB pink, AB clear, and Metallic Pink Gold size 15/0 glass Japanese Hex beads.  The pattern is a random mixture with the edge done in the pink gold.  The fringe accents include 3mm pale pink oat beads and 4mm genuine ABclear Swarovski Austrian Crystals.  Hung from 4mm Sterling Silver ball posts. The paleness of the pink gives them a very feminine subtle flair with sparkles just enough to be rich and fun.  Perfect for dressing up or dressing down.

Though this pair has been SOLD to Erica, remember, you can order any color combination and fringe accent your heart desires, just contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.

Item #Erica Earrings
$20.00 and up depending on fringe accents.

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