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Ellen's REVERSIBLE  purple fringed suede earring with the SUNny and Heart side.
El wearing her new purple hippy earring. Ellen's REVERSIBLE purple fringed suede earring with the Moon and Stars side


Another pic of El wearing her new purple hippy earring.

Close-up of Ellen's REVERSIBLE  purple fringed suede earring with the SUNny and Heart side.
Close-up of Ellen's REVERSIBLE purple fringed suede earring with the Moon and Stars side.

These pictures certainly don't do this ~Singleton~ any justice!!  Sometimes there is a great story behind/or inspiring one of my creations...this is one of them!

Ellen, my *Biggest fan from NEW YAWK* as she likes to call herself, has always given me challenges for unique creations for ~singleton~ earrings.  As you many followers of my site are probably aware, I've made El several truly awesome One-Of-A-Kind Singleton's, a giant Jester, a Sassy Flapper, and a truly challenging project that I can't publish on my website as I'd lose my *Safe Surf* rating, and a miniature Medicine Bag Earring I had made for her back in December of 2003 utilizing purple suede  that she absolutely loved!   Several months later she expressed a desire to have something else made if I had any of that fabulous purple suede left over.  I didn't have enough to do anything significant with.  As a side note, she's also the proud owner of my line of small framed beaded Egyptian Artwork when she had her apartment redecorated!

Time went by and she kept asking if I had found any more of that gorgeous purple suede, and, alas, I had not.  One day I had to make a 6 hour round trip drive just to buy certain colored suede leather for another project I was working on, and Lo and Behold,  I spied a single piece of purple suede and El was the first person to pop into my head, so I bought it and immediately e-mailed El to let her know of my precious find in her preferred color!! 

Her response back to me about another purple suede creation left me a bit flummoxed as it wasn't all that ~EL-INSPIRING~ as her other requests had been.  She wanted something that was long (that's usually a given), perhaps on a loop, fringy and feathery, hmmm, what??...where's the beadwork??  Again time went by...several e-mails back-n-forth about possibilities....I was experiencing the equivalent of writers block...I had *beaders* block!!  I couldn't come up with something truly phenomenal and unique for my biggest fan from New Yawk!!  I had an idea, couldn't make it work, more time passed, had another idea, couldn't make it work, even MORE time went by. I REALLY wanted this earring to be extra special and to reflect both me and El and our special relationship, both as artists and a truly unique friendship that spans the miles. Then I remembered a one-of-a-kind designed medicine bag type purse I did for a father to give to his daughter on her 16th birthday that was inspired by a saying loved ones say to each other, "if I could give you the sun, moon, and stars, I would!"...I started with that idea and took it a bit further, which you'll read the entire concept at the end of this page.

About El...El is well known on eBay for her many unusual, charismatic, whimsical, sometimes absurd, unparalleled, oft times unprecedented, reflections of/or because of actual life humor, and/or contains charms/gems of thought-provoking combinations of ideas encompassing and/or defining our frivolous wants, needs, desires, loves, passions, talents, futures, habits, addictions ,perhaps our dreads, fears, and so much more than I could ever use the Thesaurus for in a charm bracelet!  Her eBay handle is "eve-carla", check her ~charming~ bracelets out if you get a chance.  El and I have never met in person, but we hit it off right away because of uncannily similar senses of humor and a joy for playing with words and hidden innuendo's/double meanings.  Not to mention that we've shared in a K.I.S.S program, no...we've never kissed, how could we if we've never met??!!, but for those of you familiar with what K.I.S.S is, Bill says Hi!!... so El and I have a special bond in that way as well!! (and she's always been there for me when I truly needed a *friend*).  The idea was to make a collaboration that more or less, represented the both of us, and for me, I wanted it to reflect how important a part of my life she is, NOT as a customer (because I haven't thought of her as a customer since  after her first order), but as a.........well, heck....I know after this huge diatribe and the longest web description page in the history of Sunshine Originals, I'm actually at a loss for words..........

Let me tell you about the components.  Obviously, we used the luxurious genuine pigskin purple suede leather for the base which I have hand cut the shape and fringe. The beads are irised blue metallic size 14/0 round beads (representing the color of the world as seen from space, interpretively) size 14/0 Japanese round glass transparent amber beads, size 14/0 round metallic bronze beads, size 13/0 Charlotte Cut Copper beads and size 13/0 Charlotte Cut Hemalyke beads.  The accents are genuine semi-precious heart shaped Honey Onyx gemstone beads and genuine semi-precious star shaped Hematite gemstone beads.  The 2 focal point charms are a brass charm featuring a ~Sun~ with a goofy grin (yup, that's ME) and a copper Crescent Moon with Stars charm.  I purposefully made this earring to have the unique feature of being ~reversible~.  Originally, I figured I'd send El a bunch of extra fish hook ear wires and she could change it around from the Sun side to the Moon/Stars side at her whim when LIGHTENING struck (no, not literally, but it was storming outside the day I was finishing it up and I had to go to the basement to flip a breaker when I spied the fishing box and STRIKE!!  Couldn't I use a ~spinner~ from one of my small fishing hooks to make the earring spin on it's own whim???  TA-DA!!!  It is so way cool...and I used it to fasten the earring to a gold 3mm post earring finding!!  This earring measures 2 inches wide at the widest portion of the "world" part and has a hanging length of 12 inches...a whole foot long!!

-To my biggest fan from New Yawk, a dear and close friend, you'll always have a piece of my heart, and if I could, I would,
 give you the sun, moon, and stars, because you mean the world to me!-

Customer comments:  "Okay, I don't see how you will EVER out-do yourself from this point, Sunshine...though, knowing you, you'll probably find a way. This charming, fringe-y treasure is beyond anything I could have the [purple] flesh, in the holding, in the sheer surprising lightweightness of it, & in the most enjoyable WEARING of the thing. I love it so much & it was worth all the lead time to create this joyful, unique THING. I can't thank you enough!"


Item # Purple Hippy Earring
seeing her smiling face in the pics wearing it - $ priceless

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