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Beaded Porcupine Quill earrings in multi brown earth-tone colors.

A customer requested some long (5-6 inches) dangly earrings using porcupine quills rather than the standard glass bugle beads cuz the glass beads made the earrings much to heavy to wear.  She sent me a sketch of what she had in mind and viola!!  several pairs of long dangly earrings were created!!

For this pair, she wanted earth-tones, so we went with a varying color of browns, sands, tans, and creams. We also kept the natural brown tips on the quills. The top is done in tubular peyote and all the beads are glass size 14/0 round Japanese beads. This pair only has 8 strands of fringe on each earring and we noticed that for some odd reason, one came out a bit longer than the other even though all the quills were equally wasn't an issue with the other 2 pairs we did, so go figure.....good news is that being in the ear lobes separated by a face, the length difference was barely noticeable.

These earrings are 5  3/4 inches long and are hung from brass fish hook ear wires.  I can convert these to clip-on, posts, and lever backs in your choice of metals upon request. 

Also, don't forget you can custom order a similar pair in colors of your choice, just contact Sunshine for your custom order needs.

Customer comments:  "Sunshine!  I love them all!!!! Thank you so much! You did an absolutely wonderful job!  I can guarantee you that my girlfriends are going to want a pair!    I will have my husband take a picture of me in them and send it to you.  I couldnít be happier! You did a beautiful job!  I canít decide if I like the black, white and blue or the multi colored ones the best!  My daughter (12 years old) wants you to make her a shorter version of the multi colored ones. Thanks again Sunshine!  You are so talented!!!"



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