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Beaded Zebra Pin/Brooch 2.

Scarf fabric that inspied the Beaded Zebra Pin/Brooch 2.

As I've mentioned previously, my younger sister Theresa is a very talented seamstress, and has made clothing for her family members for years.  I was especially enthralled with some of the ethnic fabrics she was using when making 'dashikis', scarves, vests, skirts, traditional African tam hats/caps and other items of clothing.  The colors and patterns were very bright or bold/vivid and I was inspired!! I also LOVE the challenge of making a matching or coordinated patterns.   

This is another one of those gauzy type fabrics I don't know what they call it for sure.  It depicts both Zebras and Tigers in muted tones.  The scanner doesn't allow the light penetration that natural light does, so it looks a bit more muted than it actually is pictured here.

I adapted a Zebra Design done by Sig and incorporated it into this pin creation.  This brooch/lapel pin is done in flat vertical peyote with size 15/0 glass Japanese Hex beads, with the fringe accents being genuine fresh water pearls and goldstone chips.

I also have a wide scarf with long white fiber fringe and a genuine leather Ladies High Crown Tam Hat lined with the Zebra/Tiger Fabric.  Contact Sunshine if you are interested in any of those items.


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