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Beaded Batman Face Mask Pin/Brooch with black and gold beads
Scarf Fabric that inspired the Beaded Batman Face Mask Pin/Brooch with black and gold beads

As I've mentioned previously, my younger sister Theresa is a very talented seamstress, and has made clothing for her family members for years.  I was especially enthralled with some of the ethnic fabrics she was using when making 'dashikis', scarves, vests, skirts, traditional African tam hats/caps and other items of clothing.  The colors and patterns were very bright or bold/vivid and I was inspired!! I also LOVE the challenge of making a matching or coordinated patterns.

She had this animal striped material that couldn't quite be categorized as being 'tiger' or 'zebra' striped, it was a bit of a combination of both.  It was also printed with different 'mask' designs, coincidentally the same 'mask' patterns that were on the other fabrics I had done designs for.  As I have mentioned before, the large mask pattern has given me a challenge that I haven't quite met, but I feel I did a fairly good job in representing the other designs.

There is a pattern in the fabric of an ethnic mask that reminds me of  'Batman', try as hard as I might to look or name it anything else, Batman is the only thing I can come up with. The pin pictured here is done in size 15/0 glass Japanese Hex beads.  Yes, I have done the design in the size 11/0 22k gold Delica's and glass beads, but keep in mind that it will be a bit wider, larger , and more expensive than the Hex pin..

I also have a African American  'saucer' style tie hat (size med), a large scarf  (trimmed with black fringe), and a wrap mini- skirt (size med) in this fabric.  Just contact Sunshine if you want any of these items.

Both pins have been SOLD but can be reproduced.

Batman Mask Pin In Delica - $40.00
Batman Mask Pin in Hex - $$30.00

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