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I made this Tulalip Squirrel Bolo Tie as an "honor" gift, for Michael Gobin, a Tulalip Tribes artist.  As with many Native American cultures, it is often customary to return favors and honors with something likewise or equivalent.  I had considered it an honor and a privilege, as a non-Native American, to be asked to create beadwork designs from the various art forms done by members of the Tulalip Tribes.  Michael Gobin is an extremely talented artist with his specialty leaning toward pen and ink drawings.  I was enraptured with the Squirrel design he had done, and  it was the most challenging beadwork pattern I've ever had to do at that time.  As my gift back to him for that privilege, I made this Bolo and presented it to him as a gift, for which he had been overwhelmed by my thoughtfulness and understanding of his people's way.

It is weaved in flat vertical peyote with size 13/0 glass charlotte cut beads and backed with genuine pigskin leather.  This is a One-Of-A-Kind pattern and will never be reproduced.  I have it here as an example of my work, but also as an inspiration for ideas you may want to make or order.


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